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And being a completely transparent layer between artist and consumer. The contact form on each band’s page literally just sends an email to the band (or label).

Oh, and for not having any DRM.

From a tech perspective, we have the alma mater of Bjarne Stroustrup of C++ fame, and Ivan Damgård of Merkle-Damgård fame.

Depends on what kind of mood I want to be in for it.

If I want to be angry/aggressive it’s probably a track like “Pillar of Salt” by Defeater.

If it’s more of an energized mood I think it’s the “Rock Lobster” cover by Botch. The linked version is fine, but the one I really prefer is the one off their live album 061502 which isn’t present on YouTube. Mostly because it’s even faster.

And lastly, if it’s more supposed to be on the fun side I’d throw the song “Miss Peggy” by Situationsfornærmelse, a super local band with a small following in my city. Really, I’d throw on that whole EP but here I feel like I have to choose just one song.

I’m actually a member of my local group, but have been too intimidated to actually go join a meeting. Which isn’t great. They seem to lack a “hello new member, let me guide you through your first meeting”-kind of contact. Of course, this also comes down to my social anxiety of just meeting up in a way that feels unannounced and intruding. Like tagging along with a friend-group you’ve never met before.

To echo what nutomic said, most of our production servers at work are either Debian Stretch (some old Jessie systems are still sitting around though) or Windows Server 2016 and 2019. Running a bleeding edge distro on production is risky at best.

I was playing Counter-Strike: Source when I saw that one of the opponents were called “Doctor Derpstein”. So I jokingly called myself “Doctor Herbstein”. The name stuck somewhat. I shortened it to “DrHerbstein”, and later still to just “Herbstein”. I don’t really like the name that much, but at this point I’m used to it.

I think I was in 7th grade when I came up with the original version. When I started my bachelor people started calling me “Herb” for short - even IRL. At this point it would simply feel weird to change it.

Fun fact about the name: it’s also the name of a small-ish city in Germany. I only found this out relatively recently when I tried searching the username on google. That got me a nice chuckle.