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  • I’m running a search instance on a VPS so my home IP isn’t linked to my searches. The main disadvantage is that my VPS is in Toronto and I live 2hrs away so geo searches don’t work very well. For instance, if I Google “restaurants” I get results for local restaurants whereas if I Gregle (I named my search engine Gregle) I get results for results near my VPS.

    DM me if you want a link to my instance to check it out. It’s open but I don’t publicize it because bad actors could ruin my IP addresses reputation with spam queries via the API.

  • I work remote, live in Belleville, and visit our Toronto offices every couple of months. My experience with VIA Rail has been positive though I appreciate that I have a lot of flexibility. I can work while on the train so the commute isn’t wasted time for me. Working while commuting is not something I could do if I drove or took a bus. The train can be late so I wouldn’t organize an in-person-meeting within an hour of the scheduled arrival.

    I agree that the ticketing system should be improved to encourage commuting, it would be a headache to buy tickets individually weeks in advance if I were using the service more frequently.

  • That’s fair, I can appreciate an attack vector in cases where there are bad blocks and the drive was unencrypted. Luckily bad blocks are less common with modern SSDs and assuming the disk was encrypted, a few bad blocks are unlikely to expose any contents. So knowing the number of bad blocks and what data was stored would inform if a fill and empty approach would be suitable to sanitize the drive.