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I vote for work reform name change.

Anytime I mentioned antiwork to someone, the first thought they had was lazy people not wanting to work and I would have to explain the movement. After explaining everything and making good points, they would just stare at me and then ask ‘why is it called antwork’?

The work reform name explains itself. And who wouldn’t want to improve and reform their workplace. Its instantly much more relateable.

Gmork, the wolf that helps The Nothing from The Neverending Story. Represented by a modified Lone Wolf logo.

This should have been done much earlier. Better late than never I suppose.

One piece of a much larger puzzle. Not a very big puzzle, nor a difficult one. But, ya know, muh personel freedumb…🙄

So happy for them!

It was looking bleak, but they did it!. Too bad for Kelloggs. I hardy ever bought anything from them before and they have ensured I will not in the future.

@GmorktoAntiworkthis shit

Up to $15.00 an hour including tips!?!?

If tips exceed the $15.00 maximum per hour they will be boxed and shipped directly to the CEOs doorsep. He’s gotta get that 3rd yacht somehow.

Seriously though… ridiculous and infuriating.

Awesome way to advertise this movement/strike!

I have already done most of my shopping and will be participating in this.

I was wondering how I could help spread the word and this looks to be a great solution for me.

Thanks for posting!

Count me in!

I try my best to avoid buying from them regardless of the month… Having said that, kitkats are my weakness. Lol.

Having a healthy dose of skepticism is always a good thing. It leads to asking questions and hopefully getting answers when applied EQUALLY to both sides of the argument.

The issue here is that you are looking for AFFIRMATION rather than INFORMATION.

You took the exact words out of my mouth!

Before I joined Lemmy I checked out Aether for a couple of months and I had the exact same take away.

Interesting project with lots of potential ruined by its users.

Lol. Same here and when I try to explain this to people it usually falls on deaf ears.

I’ve never heard of this but it seems really cool.

I tried a few searches and everything its pulling up looks like late 90s internet. I love it. Its all personal, small, niche or passionate fan websites.

Its a nice way to filter out all of the big media, corporate, etc. Websites that usually clog my searches.

I can totally see myself using this on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!

I remember having my game cube, a wavebird controller and a small 9 inch tv with handle.

It went everywhere with me. I would go to a friend’s house and plug it in in the corner of the room. With my wave bird controller there were no cords to worry about.

Those were good times! Nothing but gaming days on end.

Another antenna pod user checking in!

For me, it’s ‘almost’ perfect and after adjusting some of the settings, I can’t imagine ever needing to use another podcast app.

I like to listen to the Privacy, Security and OSINT show.

OMG!!! Not what I expected, but Maggot Wind sounds great. Solid late 90s hard rock. With Dombroski on vocals and Ellefson rocking the base this will be something special.

I absolutely love this move. Its such an iconic and unique looking film.

Fantastic score, gorgeous locations and sets. Its one that, for me, never gets old and is a blast from start to finish. Also Liam Neeson in an early charismatic role.

If you don’t already know about it check out https://www.pine64.org/pinenote/ Its powerful, open source and powered by Linux. Its still a ways off and a bit more expensive than I was hoping for, but I will be picking one up to replace my kobo.

I am assuming they were not using proton VPN?

This couldn’t possibly end bad… or lead to unforseen circumstances…

@GmorktoFediverseDear, Lemmy...

It is. The full URL is https://preview.goatpen.co/

I’m glad this thread was made. I discovered the site yesterday and had questions as to the Lemmy roots with it proudly boasting ‘join Lemmy’ at the bottom of the page.

Firefox on both PC and Android.

I have never had any major complaints or a reason to look elsewhere. Now that it is the last unique browser versus an onlaught of chromium variants I feel it’s even more important to support them.