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Whatever the implementation may be, unless it is meant to completely remove the scoring system, there will be someone trying to achieve a higher score in the sense whatever that score is and thus wind up abusing the scoring system as you had mentioned in your post.

In my opinion, removing the score completely without having something encouraging more posts to be written is nothing but disadvantageous to the future adaptation of Lemmy as a mainstream alternative to Reddit, or to social media in general.

What the developers can do to reduce the amount of abuse which could arise from such actions is nothing but to have Karma farmers be farmers of Karma, where Karma is nothing but a point that represents people’s agreement or disagreement with the content made available for the public to read.

I might add more to this comment if I ever find a more suitable way to adapt a point system without having the users to abuse it. Otherwise, good luck to whoever solves this issue! :slightly smiling face:

Witnessing how other websites, which among those is GitLab, have chosen to use KaTeX as standard math typesetting library and having interacted with KaTeX myself, can I say that the implementation does not reduce performance.

Taking that aside, I am not very familiar with the inner workings of a website which could cause malicious risks and thus can I only recommend you to have a look KaTeX.

Quick question, has there been any thought on redirecting users from https://lemmy.ml -> https://lemmy.ml ? Entering the former does not redirect you to this wonderful site and thus I thought why make this one of the reasons for the newcomer to complain about ;)

As a new user, what made me jump on the Lemmy bandwagon was that AMA and I can say that I am damn impressed!