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  • First id like to say something about your parents marriage. People dont choose partners based only on the good things they have, we often (very often indeed) choose what problems we want to have. Of course, for most people they do it inconsciently. But as much as humans want to be loved in a certain way, we also want to be hated in certain ways too. Maybe your parents are just a very bad case of this, but its present in all relationships to some degree. And also, lots of relationships based on hating the other can be very durable. Im not saying its good or desirable, its just how things are.

    But talking about bad decisions, cheese was created because someone made a bad decision about storing milk. I rest my point about this. And another thing about you being born and raised, you really cant do it without love. You really cant parent out of just obligation.

    And yes, you should think about politics too, and worry about the future too. What you are today is not only what you got from your parents, you also contain your friends, your relationships, your heroes, your enemies, the art you saw, random kind and bad strangers that you met, etc. So you are going to be passed down to the future, with or without kids.