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Ah yeah. Stallman has always made me uncomfortable at the best of times with his clear lack of understanding of most anything related to human psychology. With that said, while I don’t think that things like this should be forgiven per se it is very clear that he lies somewhere on the autism spectrum and we probably shouldn’t look at him the same way we look at predators like Jeffrey Epstein. I see him more like Christian Chandler or Terry Davis, acknowledging that he is a pretty awful person while also feeling kind of bad for him and not harboring any real hatred or distaste and knowing that I really shouldn’t take what he says seriously outside of software.

The thing is though, some entity has to do it and it will take tons of resources to do so on the scale of every user of Firefox so there aren’t that many providers for Mozilla to choose from. And the alternative is having your ISP do it which isn’t ideal either.

I’m largely waiting for the fediverse stuff to be done and the instance to be more permanent. After that I plan to be more active

I’m from the US and here it is a capitalist ideology, the most extreme version of it being anarcho-capitalism and the more moderate side being classical liberalism And I’ll be more active on here once we have something more permanent. It being a test instance has killed my motivation to post for now

I was under the impression that this was for anyone. Even if the lead dev is a communist the software is good and there is no reason why it can’t be used by someone with differing political beliefs and I’m more than happy to exist on the same platform as long as everyone remains civil to each other. I’m tired of Reddit censorship and I want a place where I can discuss my own beliefs that hopefully won’t be overrun by alt-right assholes. Plus this is the test instance for developing the software. Once the fediverse aspects are done I’m sure we will all move to our own servers anyway.