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Alright, I just used that word to mean 'a toxic Reddit user, I didn’t specifically meant to engage in any form of ableism.

95% of mainland people are happy with CCP

As if China won’t neutralize them if they say otherwise.

Keep believing in CCP propaganda. Maybe become a Chinese citizen and and go live in your dreamland China?

You can pin the tabs you want to stay open on Firefox. You can also group tabs.

I have subscribed to !asklemmy and it showed up on my feed as I sort by ‘new’. No need to cry.

Q. What do you call someone who doesn’t agree with your stupid opinion?

A. Pseudo intellectual, xenophobe and racist troll

Wow, you’re really mad. Calm down, don’t get your panties in a twist.

Wow, another redditard response. This is meta-grade whataboutism now. 😂

Keep smoking whatever you are high on right now, you do you.

BTW, uSeRnAmE cHecKs OuT

In our region “home-grown” usually means ‘pesticide-free’ and ‘tastier’.

What? Is StackOverflow owned by Microsoft?

My biggest pet peeve is when someone spells though as tho.

It’s not stable at all. Idk where you’ve heard those rumours.

Seems like Open Source is being invaded by these spambots…

How do I report this spambot? I’m on mobile.

Please don’t suggest Arch Linux.

Kindly read the post before replying. Arch Linux is neither stable nor polished or easy-to-use.

The Nvidia graphics driver manager just shows a blank screen when opened. I have installed the recommended driver but it still gobbles up my battery unlike Windows 10 and the fan runs at full speed.

I had tried some fixes from the internet but nothing seemed to work.

Which Linux distro is the best for programming?
Currently I'm using *Linux Mint* but I'm having issues with my Nvidia graphics card. Please don't suggest *Arch Linux*. I'm looking for a stable, polished and easy-to-use distro. I have my eyes set on *Pop!_OS* for a while.

What a misleading caption. You’re safe as long as you’re not installing random APK files from shady sites.

My natural instinct would have been to close that tab immediately.

I have been using FX File Manager along with the stock file manager apps for some years.

Although FX is not open-source and hasn’t been updated since 2019, it is working well so far without any issues on Android 11 (OneUI 3.1) and it has no trackers/ads and completely respects your privacy.

Might be unrelated, but huge respect to VLC for being one of the few FOSS projects that refuse to sell out.

Libreddit sounds interesting although I’ve already quit Reddit.

If you need Instacrap in order to stay updated on your friends / family while sharing minimal data with Zuckerbot™, you can use Barinsta.

Maybe the algorithm hates you and deems you unsuitable for the hive mind.

What made you quit Reddit and move to Lemmy?
For me, it was the toxic circlejerk (admins/mods as well) low quality content getting upvoted while high quality submissions not getting much attention/buried and obvious privacy issues.