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  • I’ve been messing about with NixOS for the past 2 weeks or so. While I think I know enough to plug in the right text in the right spots to get a system configured I feel like I understand nothing about the nix language and the syntax is extremely unintuitive to me. If another distro offered declarative configuration as well as something like Nix’s options I would easily swap away from NixOS at this point.

  • I have a number of IRL friends who daily drive Linux and we all at least have some small partition or drive installed with Windows on it just in case for that one program. I haven’t used it in over half a year and it was for some Need For Speed Underground 2 mod making tool that I used once and never needed again.

  • The proprietary Nvidia driver has kernel modules that are specific to a single version of the Linux kernel. With pre-built packages that’s typically whatever the standard kernel is for your distro. If that kernel isn’t booted then you’ll have no graphics driver.

    This is solved by DKMS, which will build those kernel modules for every kernel you have installed. You’ll need the kernel headers for the kernel you want to build for, as well as the nvidia-kernel-dkms package which the wiki you linked only offhandedly mentions. Whenever the kernel or driver updates it should build the required modules.