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Oh, also, my error: I was mistaken about the reputability of the Nya Dagbladet, as I had mistaken it for another newspaper with a very similar name. The paper in question is tabloid trash. As a result, I am now inclined to believe that the report is a forgery.

Today, the RAND corporation made a press release denying that the report originates with them (the story on the Swedish paper has been updated to note this). Western social media are flagging the article as fake news. But I’m not sure any of this is evidence either for or against its authenticity.

More details here: https://nyadagbladet-se.translate.goog/ledare/darfor-haller-publiceringen-av-rand-dokumentet-trots-kritik-fran-oberoende-faktagranskare/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en

It does sound really off, but the Nya Dagbladet is a reputable paper, so it must have at least seemed legit to whatever their fact-checking process is.

Edit: see below on how I had mistaken this newspaper for another, more reputable one.

This article is super explosive. I realize it’s a RAND corporation document and not an official US government policy memo, but damn is it blatant.

It’s amazing the extent to which the MIC is trying to propagate the idea that a nuclear war can be “limited” and “winnable”.

According to Memory Alpha, it was a legitimate section of Starfleet Intelligence in the 22d and 23rd centuries, but by the 24th was a splinter group operating without official sanction.

It was a real accusation, but purely speculative with no evidence, and almost certainly false.

Ah, I didn’t know about that, actually.

Better than anal beads, anyway, and doesn’t require a coconspirator.

There are wlroots bindings for Common Lisp. I’ve been considering a stumpwm rewrite using them, but it’s probably too big a project for me to take on in my copious free time.

“Right wing workers may be imbeciles who think with their ass and shit with their mouth. But they’re OUR imbeciles.”

I guess it shows what right wing leaders think of their supporters in the working class.

It also helps to understand Schopenhauer a bit before trying to understand Nietzsche. Which people who idolize Nietzsche almost never seem to have done.

Real socialists only use decade-old ThinkPads (running Linux or BSD).

Back then leftist memes didn’t have to have a full page of text crammed onto them.