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I used to use the keyboard this was inspired by, MessageEase, and it’s kind of like learning to touch type, in that there is a steep learning curve, compared to conventional keyboards, where you benefit from conscious practice, but you will end up faster. On MessageEase, I was around 40 WPM, back when I was in practice, and I expect to be back there with Thumb-Key in not too long.

I say this on IzzyOnDroid, and I’m super excited about it, as a former MessageEase user. I have questions!

The main one is about the English layout. What advantages is it supposed to have over the MessageEase layout? I have that one pretty well in my muscle memory, and I know I can still just use it, but I’m open to changing if there’s an advantage…

One thing I liked about MessageEase was that it had keys like Ctrl, Alt, Esc, and Tab available, which made it useful in, for example, Termux. Should I open a GitHub issue for that?

Another thing I was used to was looping on a letter (or direction then back) for capitalizing a single letter. Reasonable/doable? Or do you feel it’s redundant?

Getting real “Love is the plan the plan is death” vibes from these sickos.

It means chatbots have gotten better at fooling credulous nerds into thinking they’re HAL 9000.

Hell, I don’t think there’s a pure-functional runtime that fits into any of the kit I work on, not to mention the runtime plus an actual application. I’m willing to be corrected, though: if there’s a functional language out there that will let me write non-trivial applications that fit in 256KB code space and 48KB dynamic data space, I’m eager to hear about it!

Depends what you mean by pure-functional. If you mean an ML-family language with lazy evaluation and explicit sequencing of side effects, then probably not. But there are certainly lisps suitable for those constraints. uLisp runs on Arduino Nano microcontrollers with 32 Kbytes of program memory and 2 Kbytes of RAM. lllm is a lispy DSL for writing assembly language.

No, it includes Xorg and a selection of light window managers. I’m using it on an old eeePC, and I think it’s a good choice there.

In my experience, you don’t meet this kind of anarchist in the real world, only online. Whereas the liberals you see online really do reflect liberals in the real world.

I think you’re right.


Each robot only knows their own state, but they’ve been asked only about both. So no robot can say “yes”. If a robot needs a new battery, it must say “maybe”, because it knows one or more robots needs a new battery. But if it doesn’t need a new battery, it must say “no”, because it is confident that it’s not both that need new batteries.

I found the second robot’s answer helpful in understanding the situation, but it’s logically not needed to answer the question.

I mean, i agree that package managers aren’t difficult to use, and I live in the command line (or actually in Emacs), but there’s a widespread perception that you have to use the terminal to use Linux. It helps to dispel this perception by pointing people at reasonable GUI tools like synaptic.

I’d personally prefer to install deb files using apt. That way, it will handle dependencies, conflicts, etc. whereas dpkg is the low-level package manager that only installs and configures the software.

Yeah, apt is for normal users, and for sysadmins trying to solve particular problems that apt won’t solve for some reason. But a new user, like OP, should be using synaptic (or some other GUI front-end for apt). I think Mint does a good job of surfacing it?

The six-fingered man! I am Inigo Montoya! You killed my father. Prepare to die!

When I quit smoking I used patches. The thing I thought was helpful was that my daily dose was fixed, and went down a set amount each week or two. That way, I couldn’t add nicotine whenever I felt like, like I could have with gum.

I’m sure this is fine and will not result in the collapse of terrestrial food webs.

“But what’s in your pants?”

“A copy of State and Revolution.”

I searched for an alternate “gal pals” gif, but mostly I’m getting SuperCorp (Kara/Lena) shipping gifs.

Not working for me, either :(

It’s the “Gal Pals” clip from Contrapoints’s video “Shame”.

Oh, also, my error: I was mistaken about the reputability of the Nya Dagbladet, as I had mistaken it for another newspaper with a very similar name. The paper in question is tabloid trash. As a result, I am now inclined to believe that the report is a forgery.

Today, the RAND corporation made a press release denying that the report originates with them (the story on the Swedish paper has been updated to note this). Western social media are flagging the article as fake news. But I’m not sure any of this is evidence either for or against its authenticity.

More details here: https://nyadagbladet-se.translate.goog/ledare/darfor-haller-publiceringen-av-rand-dokumentet-trots-kritik-fran-oberoende-faktagranskare/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en

It does sound really off, but the Nya Dagbladet is a reputable paper, so it must have at least seemed legit to whatever their fact-checking process is.

Edit: see below on how I had mistaken this newspaper for another, more reputable one.

This article is super explosive. I realize it’s a RAND corporation document and not an official US government policy memo, but damn is it blatant.