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I used to see that, but now I’m seeing what OP shared.

I’m on mobile and it said 100% no matter if it was spoken or typed… would make more sense using a physical keyboard.

Reminds me of the time a cartel in Mexico “seized” guns from the CIA, who promptly lost traceability to them… this is at least probably less negligence and more “we need to gtfo”.

The similarities end with the premise of the song being how they want to be a rockstart. There aren’t any similar lyrics or similar sounds…

To learn is to change. If you haven’t changed any of your opinions over the course of your life, then you haven’t learned anything.

That’s why most people can recall at least a couple extremely stupid things they did while they were younger that they would absolutely not do today.

I think the more productive thing to do would be for people to learn that people can change.

Can you please elaborate, or at least give an example of a “propaganda filled” show/movie?

Bob’s Burgers is one show I must recommend.

I still don’t understand what claim you are making. What did “the squad” drop, and who is “the squad”?

Could be that western cultures have more free time and/or being physically present has been trained out of people via marketing

I plan on setting up my own server within the next couple months, but thorough tutorials would be a good way to boost the community I imagine.

Agreed. Community or much less toxic and more human.

They want to step up their voice recognition game it sounds like

What do you mean M4A is gone? Because of universal background checks? Did I miss something?

Hey dude, tell us your story

Local police have historically been made up of power-hungry people though, and it has lead to much suffering through the history of the US. “A People’s History of the United States” contains a lot of historical evidence of this.

Would a Raspberry Pi for be sufficient to host a server with a few communities?
I am interested in starting a server but don't want to use my primary computer. I prefer to use something much more efficient.

Why can't I create a community for nudists /naturists?
I just found out about this website and I've been pretty happy with what I've seen, but there are some communities missing. When I try to create a community the name field glows red and that doesn't allow me to create it. Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks