I am a woman of many things

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I think he just supports anyone famous who’s name starts with M

This is too good. Not even the full quote supports their transphobia. Amazing how they lack any self awareness

That’s impossible for these people, they refuse to improve themselves to benefit their own party! They would rather wallow in misery and point fingers at minorities instead of people who actually hold power

Booo, I love that song. I’m so mad the redditors found it

I can’t believe british people are trying to lecture us on what’s normal

Oh no, you’re right… I hope this guy doesn’t call himself a leftist

Wait, is he actually an ex-neo nazi or is this a joke?

Idk, maybe people would work hard because they like their jobs and want to help build a society that’s made for them and not just who has the most money

Violence is only good if you use it against your spouse - John Lennon

I doubt that. You’re a web developer. Having coding skills is very useful

I thought intellectuals were supposed to be smart

Unfortunately no. They aren’t committed to Dongism like us.

I am very creative lol. But I also have too many accounts

I know posting your own reddit interactions is kinda cringe and won’t do it again. However, this is pretty funny. Is this what people call us on enoughcommiespam? lmao

I used it for art related stuff but the community was completely dead. The interface wasn’t too bad though. Its kinda like Twitter except each community has its own domain

Is there any community like r/GenZhou on Lemmygrad?

Since r/GenZedong got quarantined subs related to it like r/GenZhou might be next. So, are there any communities on Lemmy like r/GenZhou?..