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Thanks. In my case it’s on all channels/accounts unfortunately

Nothing works for me.

And I can’t even add it manually in my subscription list since there is no option for that.

Maybe it’s my instance. I will make an account on another one later and try again

Thanks, but that’s not it, both “subscribe to a channel” and “subscribe to all channels” result in an error message

Subscribing to channels hosted on other instances fails

When I try to subscribe with a remote account (I am on peertube.social) I get this error: …

deleted by creator

the CDN servers aren’t down everywhere maybe

I tried a german IP with a VPN and it works, so you can try that to circumvent the issue

isitdownrightnow.com is down

lemonde.fr is down

I guess a lot of websites must be affected

Edit: the Guardian, the NYT, down…

I forgot to mention Allsync, it’s one euro a year for 50GB.

It seemed too good to be true but I subscribed to try it and everything worked. You have access to the Nextcloud parameters, can install apps, create new users. Also you get a free subdomain which is neat.

This was 2 years back and they’re still up and running. This one is not a non profit like the others mentioned here.

Mine clearly shows 4, but maybe thats because it’s an old account?

I was looking at OnePlus too, then I saw this toot from Geotechland

I really hope my phone lasts until linux phones become somewhat viable… but I dream

A 41-page report released by the Center for American Progress (CAP)

The link in the article is broken. Here

Reddit est une communauté ultra-toxique et grave infiltrée par l’extrême-droite (qui y est assez bien tolérée)

Des années que je suis sur le site et je peux pas être en plus grand désaccord avec ce que tu dis.

Et puis Lemmy n’est pas un mouvement politique, si ? Si on commence à filtrer les entrées on se retrouve avec une énième chambre d’écho où personne ne mettra le pieds.

et il y a encore plein de trucs en cours de développement : ça pourrait laisser un goût amer à des personnes curieuses

Ca ouais, bien vu. J’ai observé ça avec la grande migration vers Signal en Janvier. L’utilisateur moyen a très peu de patience lorsqu’il essaye un nouveau service, la première impression est primordiale.


I have one email address with them I use all the time (for commercial stuff), it’s very reliable. You also get a Nextcloud account with 4GB storage.

I also use Zaclys. 1GB Nextcloud for free, 5€ (a year) for 5GB + plus an email account or 10€ for 10GB and email. Even though I self host now I still use it for my main email. Also unlimited pictures upload!

But the article said rich people meat is very polluting to produce!

We should stop breeding rich people altogether.

Very happy to learn about this!

One issue I found, it doesn’t accept single words in french

Cat -> Cat

If I use multiple words it’s fine

the cat -> le chat

How is that !latestagecapitalism ?