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If emails are encrypted at rest, as in the cases of Tutanota or ProtonMail, IMAP cannot be used as it is. In fact ProtonMail offers a bridge app for desktop, which interacts with PM servers, decrypt the emails and offers a local IMAP server so you can use Thunderbird, etc.

Nobody cited Miniflux, a very good self-hosted RSS aggregator with web UI.

This is strange. Have you tried with Filelight? I mean, if the space is occupied, there must be some huge files somewhere.

You could use the Bridge to sync your emails with a client like Thunderbird, or even Outlook. Also it exists an import-export tool. I used it to import my mails from GMail, you may check if it still works: https://protonmail.com/blog/import-export-beta/

Yeah, I also thought the same after reading their answer. Software is 90% trade-offs, and this looks like a reasonable one.


I love Albert. I can’t stand the slowness of KDE’s default launcher.

+1 for docker-compose. Easy to setup, easy to backup, easy to update.