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That’s the propaganda yes, but that’s now how it ends up in the power structure. Hence all those power struggles after those Marxist revolutions where dictators take control. Marxism isn’t an economic system, it’s a thesis on class struggle. Marxism is slavery of the people by the people.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3N2sNnGwa4 - from actual academics and economists with many sides debated. Enjoy.

Central planning is a dictatorship. Free markets are democracy. The end. Capitalism as we know it is mostly government decided winners and losers; patent laws, copyright laws, labor laws, licensing requirements, floors and ceilings, not to mention the never ending list of taxes, and on and on. Blackrock, Vanguard, and other investment/hedge fund firms are central planners masquerading as free market volunteerism. Central Planning systems become popular when a class of elites want to “revolt” against freedom and enslave the commoners. Free markets are freedom.

You wouldn’t know at all. The point of having an encryption breaker is that you don’t tell everyone you have it and simply read all their secrets at your leisure.

What you would do is tell someone that your latest record is actually something you can do with ease and appear weaker than you are.

Because there is always someone on the internet looking to sound intelligent by supporting the narrative that sounds like the one most will accept.

Superiority of thought through popularity of opinion.

All encryption has been broken for years. P v. NP has been solved.

Your perception requires people be “worked up” to justify the oppressed victim mentality of the disorder, homie. Feel free to post the FMRI data showing female brains inside the male bodies of mtf trans. You can google x-rays of spina bifida.

Being against self-harm is a phobia? Interesting. The never ending cycle of existential self-actualization is a mind virus, homie. No two ways about it.

Yeah, Bill Gates is a sociopath. He stole IBM contract out from under Gary Kildall and Digital Research who made the CP/M OS which Microsoft completely ripped off to create DOS.