Progressive and anti-fascist groups in Turin, Italy mobilized to condemn the police action on students at the Einaudi Campus of the University of Turin. On December 5, students who had protested the campaigning of right-wing student group University Action on the campus were brutally beaten up by a big group of police.

Students allege that the police rushed into the campus to protect the right-wing student group which is affiliated to the Giorgia Meloni led neo-fascist government in Italy. Meloni herself used to be part of a similar far-right youth and student group.

Various groups including the Turin Anti-Fascist Coordination, Communist Youth Front (FGC), Potere al Popolo, Cambiare Rotta, and others protested the police action on students and also raised their concerns over the spike in far-right activism in and around universities and schools across the country.

  • Dieguito 🦝
    73 months ago

    And a journalist who dared to shout in theater “long live antifascist Italy” was identified by the police as a criminal, source here. Good old times are coming back…