Federation allows BookWyrm users to join small, trusted communities that can connect with one another, and with other ActivityPub services like Mastodon and Pleroma.

It now has a few instances that you can join and get going with. It is an open source application that you can self-host and federate across the Fediverse as well as other Bookwrym instances. So you can even host something like this for your own book club and then view a local feed as well as a federated feed.

Although it has been around a bit, there are now finally instances open for joining.

See https://joinbookwyrm.com/

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Thanks - finally signed up. Is there a way to search your own books? I only see a listing feature…

I’m asking because I just started a book in my to-read list (imported from Goodreads) and when I search for the book there’s two instances (unfortunate duplicate), but neither of them seem to already be connected to my account, so I’m not sure how to mark the book as started (while keeping my data well kempt)


Yes on the drop down menu from your name at top, it gives “Your Books” as an option, and that page has tabs for All, To Read, Currently Reading, and Read. I also had to remove two duplicates as I manually added some books before finding the import option from GoodReads. For a book, if you click on it, it shows a “post” option below it with Review, Comment and Quote. The comment one is to add comments as you progress through the book.


looks good. Are there many instances?

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