A 2016 video that Tesla used to promote its self-driving technology was staged to show capabilities like stopping at a red light and accelerating at a green light that the system did not have, according to testimony by a senior engineer.

Jeez, just imagine. Your boss tells you to fabricate a video, then publishes it like it represents reality, and a fellow engineer of all people may have believed it and gotten themselves killed.

There is definitely plenty steps between the fabrication of the video and the death of a person where rationally you wouldn’t need to feel guilty.
But I would still have thoughts running through my head, if maybe the video could have been shot differently or I should have added another disclaimer before showing it to my boss.

No you have a huge point. If I use a power tool or doing any kind of labor, I want to know the risks involved so that I can mitigate them as much as I can. If I’m told that this power tool or this kind of labor has no risks, then I could die, and it would be the fault of whoever diminished those risks.

Safety is important. The first step to a safe environment is correctly identifying the potential risks you are being exposed to while in that environment. If you are purposefully diminishing the hazards associated with known risks then you are directly responsible for the deaths that arise as a result.


Oh yeah, I definitely think Musk and his management board have blood on their hands, in one way or another.

All I’m saying is that, assuming this engineer is telling the truth, he himself isn’t morally guilty, because he was told the framing would be different.

For sure he did the right thing.

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