A liking and comment system for the Gemini protocol. - makeworld-the-better-one/gemlikes

as much as dopamine reward loops are toxic…
sometimes likes make people feel seen or recognized.

Protective Measures Gemlikes has some protections in place to prevent abuse or impersonation of the comment and liking system. Note that a server admin can make comments and likes say anything they want though.

  • An ID is generated based on the commenter’s IP address to prevent impersonation by other commenters It’s displayed right beside their username, as can be seen above
  • Usernames cannot be reused on a single page by different IP addresses
  • An IP address cannot make more than 5 comments on a page by default, although this is configurable in the gemlikes.toml file
  • The same IP address cannot like a file more than one time
  • Only files in the directories specified in gemlikes.toml can be like and commented on - Trying to reference files that don’t exist will give an error

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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