you won’t make any money with it because it’s not targeted, but if you know what you’re doing it won’t hurt your website for sure. I purchased traffic from Fiverr for $5 for a month for one of my websites last year and after a week of the traffic coming in my website had started slowly gaining rankings. But as soon as the traffic stopped it dropped the rankings again to its initial positions, and also, it didn’t gain too much increase anyway (I think it just went from page 6 of google to page 3 or something like that). So, it does work to boost the rankings a little bit, but it needs to be valid traffic (from specialty forums, reddit, social media, etc.) and it also doesn’t convert into customers / money. So, keep that in mind!


How would google know how much traffic you have?


People clicking the link on Google. Also if the site has any Google products embedded, like Adsense. And possibly through their DNS service too.

But that’s just all guessing…

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