Is Ruqqus Good Yet? April 15th Edition

Is Ruqqus Good Yet?

Looking at Ruqqus so you don’t have to

To see if Ruqqus is good yet, I’ve looked at only the quality posts in the past week. Let’s see if it’s good.


  • The old GMs got overthrown, the new one is more active, a developer, and quite the troll
  • The community went to town with a discussion on how bad Firefox is (& why Brave is better)
  • The community decided to harass one of the Ruqqus admins for using Windows


  • I was actively talking about shorting Doge a few months back, and with the new ATH people were concerned
  • Circlejerk on how Monero is bringing privacy to Zcash


  • Community celebrated services blocking FLoC, discussion degraded into “Brave good”, “voter ID racist”
  • Ruqqies got upset at the idea the Australian government wants users to provide ID before accessing certain social medias

Leftist Guilds

  • Pretty dead, but posts do get comments

General META

  • Aevann, a GM, shitposter, but mostly a bot who reposts Reddit content, got temp banned (everyone liked that)
  • Ruqqus showed their bigotry again by voting the most hated person on the site to be one of the only openly gay leftists


  • Quality OC posts: 3/10
  • Drama: 8/10
  • Discussion: 5/10

Is it good yet?



I will subscribe to weekly ruqqus news


No guarantee for weekly, I just happened to only look past the last week. I’ll do it every so often, though!


Thanks ma boi

Keep up with the Meta at Ruqqus!

Note: This guild is not meant to be a Ruqqus-away-from-Ruqqus. Ruqqus supports free speech to a high degree, but posting obscene content (outside the scope of discussion) won’t be tolerated in this community.

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