Offers unchained: Federated Offerbots
I want to draw your attention to a discussion taking place on our Humane Tech Community now. One of our members @AndrewMackie has published a brilliant piece of work on the mechanism of Offers, and why they cause such big problems with aggregators (FAANG et al). His problem analysis is a very refreshing, clear-headed approach that avoids the use of big, alarmist and emotionally loaded language you usually hear in the field. But its the solution side where Fediverse / AP could perfectly fit ...

This idea will need a lot of brainstorming, but it was discussed earlier on SocialHub. One of our members, Andrew Mackie, has spent a long time analysing the problem with aggregators and came up with different, unique view of the problems they pose to society. He was also investigating possible solutions.

Both problem analysis (recommended read) and solution thoughts are documented at Offerbots. The solution-side however needs more work. It needs … [ 🥁 drumroll ] … Fediverse!

Excerpt from Offerbots landing page:

The Problem

Our economy, society and information are controlled, distorted and taken by aggregators (such as Google, Amazon and Facebook):

The problem with aggregators

Learn about the problem (which is deeper than you might think).

The Solution

We need offerbots – personal tools for making, receiving and processing offers (our invitations to trade, interact socially and share information with each other):

Decentralized offerbots circumvent the aggregators

Learn about the solution.

And … [ 🥁 drumroll ] … ActivityStreams defines the Offer activity type:

  "@context": "",
  "summary": "Sally offered 50% off to Lewis",
  "type": "Offer",
  "actor": {
    "type": "Person",
    "name": "Sally"
  "object": {
    "type": "http://www.types.example/ProductOffer",
    "name": "50% Off!"
  "target": {
    "type": "Person",
    "name": "Lewis"

There’s a lot to read about here. So I can’t say I understand neither the problem nor the solution yet. But I like it so far.

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