Hi, I have a bot that I use to mirror posts from one of my favourite Reddit communities onto Lemmy (!2visegrad4you@lemmy.ml), since there are not enough active users on lemmy for the community to be self-sufficient just yet. Still, it seems it was popular as the reposts were getting upvotes.

My bot got banned from lemmy.ml 3 days ago so I just wanted to ask why. Is there a rule against Reddit reposters (and where)? Is this a lemmy.ml policy or a Lemmy-wide policy?


    • @SubArcticTundraOP
      2 months ago

      I agree that mindlessly flooding Lemmy with Reddit content just to create fake activity would hurt the platform. But I think that in some select cases it can have value: take !100yearsago@sh.itjust.works . I am stealing a content feed off reddit and allowing people to access the same content feed here on Lemmy, giving them one less reason to stay on Reddit. The posts are getting upvotes so it seems to be working. Furthermore, the community is open to OC posts so nothing is stopping organic activity once the community has gained enough users thanks to the existing content feed.