I know, stock theme and all of that, but did I tell you guys HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE this teeny tiny addition to KDE’s stock theme? I love this thing so much I made my entire system’s color palette around it. So there you go.

  • Tiling: Quarter Tiling (used Krönkhite for a while, preferred this);
  • Plasma theme: ChromeOS Dark;
  • Color scheme: Breeze-Dark-Red (my custom scheme);
  • Window decorations: Stock Breeze-Dark (but without the gradient on the top bar and shadows set to small instead of medium);
  • Icons: Papirus-Dark (Yaru color scheme with Papirus-Folders);
  • Terminal: kitty (with my custom kitty.conf file);
  • Chromium’s NTP: NightTab (with my custom theme);
  • Wallpaper (with some color corrections to match the theme).

Plasma is awesome! (legal ver um br por aqui rs)


logo espero um c/suddenlycaralho aqui também

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