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Sorry for the delay, I broke the system trying to install zsh… I did run p10k config, reboot, and tried updating the terminal. Actually, that version seems to be the latest available (it is a RedHat VDI). Well, maybe I’ll open an issue in github :( Thank you very much for your help!

I tried… It didn’t work :(

It didn’t work :(

Also, I couldn’t manage to update the terminal.

I installed this font, but the problem persists :(

Could it be something related to the terminal? I’m using GNOME Terminal 2.31.3

Extracting the binary to ~/.cache/gitstatus worked! Thank you very much!!! Now there’s only that ugly symbols in the prompt :(

Thanks for the response. You’re right: curl fails to fetch that file. However, I could manually download it. Do you know where I should extract it to? Thanks.

You’re right! I edited the post including the link to the logs. Thanks!

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Hi. Please can someone help me with setting up my zsh? I’m having two problems: …


Someone commented:

I am glad to see C++20 modules. The language is slowly catching up to Fortran.

What does he mean by catching up to Fortran? (I’ve played with C++ and Fortran, but I’m not a developer.)

The idea is quite interesting, but isn’t Google able to identify those automatic clicks? Do you know if this extension conflicts with Privacy Badger?

Awesome to know that! It looks promising indeed.

I used to do something like that. I actually used the Session Sync extension for that. But eventually the folders became a mess and I lost control of it.

Thanks for the link! I’ll give it a try!

I like this idea. It is simple and effective.

I do this sometimes. Then I pin the tab if I couldn’t finish reading it or I need to refer to it later. But pinned tabs give me anxiety lol

How do you postpone tabs or links for future reading?

I used to bookmark the pages I’d like to read in the future, but I’m loosing track of them. Sometimes I even forget about them. So how do you organize or postpone the links you want to visit later? Is pocket a good solution?..

Is the Bitwarden flatpak official?

I’m migrating from LastPass to Bitwarden, and I would like to install the app for Linux desktop. Is this flatpak official and secure?..