An Interview With Sci-Hub's Alexandra Elbakyan on the Delhi HC Case - The Wire Science
In an exclusive interview, Elbakyan spoke of her days in college, legal issues between Elsevier and Sci-Hub, and the tension between piracy and sharing.

The problem is that publishers are not actual creators of these works, scientists are – they do all the work, and academic publishers simply use their position of power in the Republic of Science to extract unjust profits. Sci-Hub does not enable piracy where creative people are deprived of the reward they deserve. It is a very different thing.


I admire her so much ! I do not agree on every stance with her obviously, but on the point she makes about research, she is spot on. I work in the academic world for a very short time, and it was enough to get how important is this fight and how efficient is Sci-Hub. And I still had the chance to work in a quite wealthy university that could pay for articles. I cannot imagine how it would be in less lucky environment without SciHub !

Love and respect all the way to Alexandra Elbakyan !

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