A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open.

Really cool stuff with the remote pinning! Maybe soon PubSub so you can do “social replication”, as in not just seed one file but seed a peer’s entire collection like Peertube instances do? (with disk quotas of course)


Thanks for Sharing. It’s intresting one fact, that the Present “Future” of the internet, I mean: the “Ipfs protocol”, which is DESCENTRALICED; is, on the other hand, uploaded on GuitHub which is a “central server” for the source code.

controversial, isn’t it?


it’s a classic dilemma of more/less privacy to reach less/more people

it’s the reason they’re trying to change things


Well it’s not just that. Compared to other p2p alternatives, IPFS have been early on very honest that they want to develop a cryptocurrency filecoin. It’s in my view a very wrong answer to a very real problem, but at least i appreciate they made the software actually usable without filecoin. But i’m not entirely convinced by what seems to an initiative fueled by Silicon Valley / Venture Capital money from an outsider’s perspective (i don’t know the devs personally so i don’t want to assume they have bad intentions).

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