Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-19


I was off from work until wednesday, because we moved to a new apartment and had to organise a lot of things. So I only got a small amount of work done.

  • caught up with all the issues and pull requests (there are a lot each week)
  • correct order of community outbox items !169
  • started to write an alternative config implementation !170


  • Swapping out config-rs (an abandoned library that hasn’t worked on newer versions of rust) for @canop 's deser-hjson for parsing config files. This has been quite a rabbit hole, to find that ~4 rust libraries are abandoned and don’t work since 1.48.0 . After this is merged we’ll be able to use newer versions of rust. !1433
  • Worked a lot on splitting our user table into person and local_user, since a lot of settings type things don’t get federated. This is proving to be a lot of work in the DB as nearly every table references the user_ table. #1360
  • Fixed an issue with federated inserts not using correct published time. !1427
  • Added a forum / new comment sort for posts. This can turn any community into a forum, showing even old threads with new comment activity at the top. !1425
  • Fixed an issue with lemmy-ui docker port being open. !1435
  • Merging a few PR’s from @gazconroy adding an async API, that will soon replace our API docs.
  • Lots of translation and docs updates.

Awesome updates, actually. I especially think !425 is cool.


We also just did a patch release with a lot of the changes above: v0.9.9.

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