Building more prisons shouldn’t be a good thing. It means something is going wrong with your society.

Unfortunately tweets like this do well with their target audience because they subscribe to the social darwinist view that some people (minorities, poors, etc.) are innately evil and more predisposed to being criminals and the only way to stop them is through a more oppressive state. During the last general election Tories were harping about putting more police on the streets for the same reason. As a capitalist state their concern isn’t the cause of crimes because taking care of that would mean dispossessing the rich so they crack down on criminals instead.

Now I am wondering if miniority racial groups are overrepresented in prisons in the UK like they are in Freedomland.


Looking it up, and mind you this information is from Wiki.

‘People from BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds constitute only 14% of the general population in England and Wales, but make up 25% of its prison population.’

‘In 2019 Lammy expressed deep concern at the extremely high proportion of BAME males in young offender institutions (they made up 51% of this prisoner population), saying that “England and Wales are now hitting an American scale of disproportionality in our youth justice system”.’

mAyBe tHeY aRe jUsT gEnEtIcAlLy PrEdIsPoSeD tO cOmMiTtInG cRiMeS!

Good work comrade.

I remember in the last general election Tories’ platform was almost 95% about Brexit. The other 5% was lying about putting money in the NHS and truthfully asserting that they were going to put more cops on the streets to fight crime. I wouldn’t be surprised if this problem exacerbates in the near future.


“American scale” lol.

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