At the moment we again witness an aggravation of the relations between Washington and Beijing because of American military presence in the South China Sea.

In the middle of July, the Unified Combatant Command of USA in the Indo-Pacific published a statement in connection with coming of USS Benfold destroyer on July 13 near the Paracel Islands. Accusations from China that “operation to secure freedom of navigation” has violated China’s sovereignty were marked as false. The American side considers the growing amount of insinuations from the People’s Liberation Army as actions against Pentagon’s legal naval maneuvers.

It was emphasized about the “peaceful” pass. Such operations should demonstrate that China has no legal ground for getting the disputed waters. Beijing’s policy towards these water areas goes against international standards and conception of a “free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

It is worth mentioning that American media deliberately published information about incident in June over the South China Sea. According to sources in Pentagon it is reported about PLA’s “unprofessional” behavior. Chinese Su-30 allegedly was too close to the C-130 transport aircraft. It is mentioned that Chinese military methodically makes these provocations.

At the same time Washington actively supports the tension in the South China Sea. This year is the first time when a Carrier strike group Ronald Reagan was dispatched there. Also the exercises are planned for providing naval security. Americans ironically say these moves are aimed at supporting “world order based on rules.”

Meantime Beijing is refraining from firm actions and expresses its discontent of what is going on. We do not see any real moves yet.

It boggles my mind that smooth brains in Washington are actually trying to open up a second front with China when their proxy war with Russia is turning into an utter disaster.

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