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I have seen these guys live twice and they kill. Sometimes you see someone perform and you immediately know, Ah, This Is A Musical Genius, like Jon Batiste or Chris Thile. That’s these guys. They were the opener the first time I saw them and the crowd went nuts.

Some of their collabs haven’t worked so well for me just because I haven’t vibed with the vocalists, but their instrumentals are 3000% reliable joy. Anyway, their version of Ignition is the only one I recognize, but this is the new release so you gotta check it out.

Their Dance on Me remix (Invidious link) is another great one and better than the original song, in my opinion.


they’ve tweeted about how annoying it is when rappers will take one of their tracks and just rap over the brass line, like, hey, that’s the melody, it’s like rapping straight over a vocal line without giving it space

but stuff like this mix is amazing because they can use the brass as … sort of like the hype man going “yup” as a rapper pauses to inhale, but more sonically interesting??

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