President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 less than five weeks before he faces a re-election challenge from former Vice President Joe Biden. Melania Trump and top campaign advisor Hope Hicks also have the coronavirus.

You know he will use this somehow to benefit him and spread some ridiculous ideas… or he will get really sick.

If he recovers from this, for his supporters it may function as a “hero’s journey”. “Trump was so strong and brave that he fought coronavirus and won!” Alternatively for some segment of his supporters this serves as proof that the virus is “just a flu”. They may think how contracting it won’t be dangerous for them if Trump recovered from it… with disastrous results.


And if he dies from it… its going to be a crazy conspiracy that the deep state killed him.


He most likely has lots of people lining up to donate blood plasma antibodies (one of the best ways to treat the disease last I heard). Plus some of the best physicians in the US and probably the world. I personally predict his chance of dying from this at approximately 0%.