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Transition / Collapse solutions — how to get most out of collapsing infrastructure.

During slo-mo catastrophe, more and more infrastructure may become unused, but still technically working. This is what we have now with empty buildings / apartments for example. Or some abandoned industrial facilities taken over by their crews.

But there are more technical challenges. If the grid is down, what shall we need to redirect output of a local wind/solar farm to the local community use? How to start running local rail transport? How to salvage content of a logistic centre before it gets marauded? Etc. etc…

The inconvenience here lies in the fact that most of such actions are considered illegal under regular circumstances. But we will need them when conditions cease to be “regular”. I believe we should be able to discuss them under the general category of “civil / civic defense” or “communal resilience”.

What do you think?

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Unions can play a vital role in taking over abandoned production facilities. If I remember correctly there were a lot of such cases in Argentina after the state default. Might be worth searching for some lessons learned.

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Yes, I visited Viome in Thessaloniki and met people from FraLib. I read a bit about Argentinian movement. However, my line of thought goes closer to the perspective of Angry Workers (see: https://www.angryworkers.org/2016/08/29/insurrection-and-production/, especially section d. The regional backbone of insurrection: empirical material about the structure of essential industries in the UK region). The difference is, they take a large-scale view and their perspective is (no wonder) workplace-centric. But they did a remarkable work nevertheless.

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