I made a game that is intended to be hacked! But I have never made a game before, so I had to learn game development first. In this devlog I talk about my jo…

Liveoverflow made a hacking game. In this video he shares his first steps with Unity and goes more general into learning something new and the downsides of capitalism (lol).


While watching this, I at first thought to myself that using such a generalist engine does look easy and that maybe I should try using Unity or Godot, instead of writing like half of my engine myself.

But then he told how much he spent on assets and that you basically need to implement the player physics and such yourself anyways. That changed my mind very quickly…


Holy, that’s a lot of money. Yeah, making games takes a lot of work so that’s to be expected if you can’t make all of the code/art/audio yourself or get it with an open license (like Creative Commons). Which is why the first tip you’ll usually hear is to minimize your scope, meaning that you should start by making smaller games so you can finish in weeks instead of something grandiose that would take, a team, years.

This coming from someone who makes games with Godot.

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