With the BA.4/5 rise, it's unclear what will come next—and if we'll see it coming.

Omicron specific vaxx drop date is Aug:

We will submit these data to regulators urgently and are preparing to supply our next-generation bivalent booster starting in August, ahead of a potential rise in SARS-CoV-2 infections due to omicron subvariants in the early fal

And we’re looking less and less for the next strain

Luo worries about the continued viral evolution and our diminishing potential to detect new variants. As people try to move on from the acute phase of the pandemic, they are submitting fewer samples for testing. “Looking ahead, we have to figure out, will there be [enough samples]? … If not, then will there be enough people presenting at urgent care, or health systems, or hospitals, where there is an opportunity to take a sample and send it for sequencing? I think a system that does that at scale doesn’t exist yet,” Luo said.

COVID-19 Pandemic

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