They’re all over the search results for common programming problems, and even for less common ones. They have less information than their original stackoverflow answer and of course are just a useless copy. AAAaaaaaaaargh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Yeah, I’d really like to report them to remove them from the index somehow. Hosting your own search engine like YaCy would probably work, but is wayyy to much work for a single individual.

Yes that would be the right way to do it. Grabbing the Problem by the roots. I also thought about using some addons to remove these sites from my search results. Google and the others with their own index should act.


Newer search engines like neeva and kagi allow you to blacklist or downrank certain sites as well as the reverse. Try them, if you can.

They typically do it for ad revenue, but I’m considering it to prevent people from having to be served ads or use proprietary software to learn programming =/

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