Scientists and members of Letzte Generation occupied the Universität Hamburg main lecture hall for 4 days from 30.05 - 02.06.2022, demanding the University take an official position on the criminal plans of the German Government to expand and finance new oil and gas projects. Interrupting normal classes and holding talks on the role of the University in society as a cultural and community meeting point and centre of knowledge & research, they highlighted the historically significant position which Universities have taken in civil resistance against injustice. The President of the University of Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Hauke Heekeren, said in a private meeting with Letzte Generation that it was "not the role of this University" to take a public position on protecting the basis of life, and he would not "make things political" by appealing directly to the Minister for the Economy and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck, to stop the insanity of opening new fossil fuel projects in a climate crisis. This weakness by the Uni president was criticised by students, staff and scientists at the University. The members of the occupation escalated their actions on day 4, climbing on the roof of the building, holding a banner exposing the weakness of the Uni president's position, and producing a stunning artwork on site. The University then sent in the police Polizei Hamburg, with over 40 officers in full gear dragging the peaceful protestors out using pain holds and a special crane to lift down the 4 occupying the building roof. One police officer began crying after having seen the pain inflicted upon Melli, 26, from Letzte Generation and a former project manager at SAP D-A-CH. Direct action works - we know non-violent civil disobedience is the most effective way of bringing about radical societal change in a short amount of time. It's now or never. Video Credit - @Der Pilger [] @Bild Song Credit - @Sharon Van Etten "One Day"
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