This paragraph in particular is a great summary of what the term means

The people’s democratic dictatorship uses two methods. Towards the enemy, it uses the method of dictatorship, that is, for as long a period of time as is necessary it does not permit them to take part in political activity and compels them to obey the law of the People’s Government, to engage in labour and, through such labour, be transformed into new men. Towards the people; on the contrary, it uses the method of democracy and not of compulsion, that is, it must necessarily let them take part in political activity and does not compel them to do this or that but uses the method of democracy to educate and persuade. Such education is self-education for the people, and its basic method is criticism and self-criticism.

Do you think Mao adhered to the system described in that paragraph?

Based on that essay, it’s not clear how the dictatorship identifies ‘the enemy’ – "the social forces and groups which resist the socialist revolution and are hostile to or sabotage socialist construction are all enemies of the people. "

As long as some of ‘the people’ are at risk of being designated ‘the enemy’ without clear criteia, there cannot be democracy.

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I do think Mao adhered to the system described, and it’s quite clear that such a system is necessary to combat capitalism given what the west has done to numerous socialist countries over past century. The criteria of whom is designated as the enemy is quite clear, and Mao has extensive writings on the subject that I would encourage you to read.

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