I am a very curious person and there is a lot that I want to learn. I am always complaining about how a single life is definitely not going to be long enough for me to learn even a tiny fraction of what I want to know, or master the skills that I would like to master. If I were to live forever then I would at least have a chance! ;-)

As to how it marries with my political values… It would not be fair to take up an eternity of resources to sustain a single consciousness. It is too selfish. I am happy to enjoy my short burst of existence and let others experience their short burst too. Knowing that we can’t have it all forces us to pay attention to what we value and to make choices. Freedom, harmony with nature, and social justice are some of my political values.

Perhaps not forever but having the option to live as long as you want and to choose when you want to die seems empirically preferable.


Maybe it is to you, but why living more would be preferable in itself? I don’t think this is true for the general population but why you want to live more? What’s the reason?

Perhaps I’m too young to speak on something like this but I think there’s something admirable about being able to ‘finish’ life (so-to-speak) which is to say, I like the idea of being able to complete all the projects I want to compete, see all the films I want to see, and read all the books I want to read.

That being said, I understand the importance of mortality in the selection of what you choose to do with your time and, for that reason, perhaps you’re right about longevity. Perhaps living forever is the glossy finish on a shallow epistemological notion.

So, I understand both sides of the argument.

Dialectical Materialism shows how there’s no life beyond this one. No heaven, no ghosts, no resurrections, no reincarnation. Just we as animals with pants.

We have a very short life were we want to accomplish many things but usually have to chose only one. I believe in communism because I want nobody to be working to sustain themselves and have a life as happy and fulfilling as possible. And this also requieres time.

I would love to live forever and see what’s beyond everything, since nothing stays still. Never. Everything evolves one way or another, and everything is interesting because of it.

I would like to die only when existence itself is no longer possible, no space nor time to be in any other dimension or whatever scifi mumbo-jumbo you can think of it.

Those are the reasons I would want to never die or at least die only when I want to.

When I said “live forever - or die trying.” I am trying to be hip and fresh rather than actually live forever :p

But yes, “Why would you want to live til 200 yo and how does it marry with your political values?”

I think trying to raise the global average lifespan is a noble goal due to it involving improving quality of life via disease/illness eradication


I don’t have any political views, I am just scared of dying.


being scared of dying is a political view. It has a huge impact on how you behave in society compared to who’s not afraid of dying

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