Cult survivor. Against most forms of religions, specially anti-scientist ones such as all Abrahamism, and will always explain why. I will never stop demonstrating that religion is reactionary, including your own beliefs. Dialectical Materialism is a must in Socialism that cannot be forgotten.

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Racial wars. The “mighty illuminated white cishet followers of God” vs non-Christians, Non-white, non-Cishet.

It will be also, very similar to the last Civil War the country had, and even for similar reasons.

Out of normal environment, marginalized, like mobs, prostituteds, drug dealers, etc.

Ah, I see. In Spain a kink event coincided with the Pride day on Canary Islands. Hence my confusion, I’m sorry.

It could have been the Yakuza. Abe and before him were in campaign of getting Yakuza out of prominent power, so it may be the case.

It happened because from the firsts persons to have it, one or some went to a pride party, and well, you know what happens at parties.

I am scared of how people will treat gay men for thos coincidence…

Edit:what have I said that could be even considered against gay men??? Wtf

I know what you mean. I come from a family were a lot died in concentration camps due to they being suspected of being either commies or Jews, and rejoiced as fuck to everyone that could be related to their deportation and consequently their assassination, but as of now… I can’t, I simply I’m unable to rejoice at it, since what I really wanted is for that for never happened… Not saying you shouldn’t feel relieved by Abe’s death, even if he wasn’t a direct responsable for that, he carried a legacy where he could have choiced the correct option of making Japan recognize the atrocities and retire all the monuments, etc. That’s just how I’m going now.

“religion has been since millennia manufactured for controlling the population.”

“Jesus was a leftist!”

“No he wasn’t.”

“Bad faith!”


Yeah… You can call me soft pr whatever you want, really… Maybe I deserve it for not liking people die knowing how material conditions and more circumstances play such an important role, that in a different environment, the same people that has done so much harm, could be totally different from what we know…

I don’t know… I don’t feel worth of nothing…

I would improson them somehow in a way that helps the cause and not letting them to partake of the benefits a normal citizen would or something, tho…

I understand it, really. But would you rather see them sincerely apologize and denounce what they did, or to die before they can? Just asking in good faith, comrade.

It makes me feel better to know that understanding circumstances do actually work in a way of being more compassionate and feeling more humane. I am seeing a lot of people like celebrating X deaths in ways that they make me cringe in a “woah, angst edgy” and not just for Abe, but in general. The best thing I ever heard was when the DDR instead of killing all nazis basically reeducated them and gave them another chance as human beings, and fuck, now I’m too soft for this shit, specially when I know that years ago I was a reactionary piece of shit because where I was born and the people I met, and still changed… I can’t simply rejoice in the death of no one, comrade… I just can’t.

He also was being critical towards Zelensky and Ukraine for entering to NATO in that last speech.

Man, is it bad that I am not feeling like ‘hooray’ for this nor any death at all? I mean, I’m not sad at all, just like if a random pedestrian I know nothing of, died overrun, but I feel that no death is satisfactory nor anything of the like, and I’m like having a little of cognitive dissonance for being remotely compassionate from later years…

Uh… Dude, hating yourself while living in a hippie camp while expecting God to do the rest, while considering women inferior and slavery “not that bad” isn’t leftist AT ALL.

“Pessimist in the head, optimist in the heart” 😔🤙

Not to mention the submission of women, racism (remember that Jesus compared a Canaanite woman to a dog, and remember how a dog is considered in the Hebrew tradition and the Bible as a whole. Also remember that “good Samaritan” was the equivalent of today saying “the good n-word”), how it was all about waiting for a magical happening for the end of the world, about never being revelious, about being faithful to masters, about not being “part of the world”, about how non-believing is the worst sin… People think that material history began in Industrial Revolution, and completely making a blind eye when speaking about fucking religion, like if it was something special, and never tackle where religion came from. Nice way to promote theocracist opportunists and alienate victims of religion (hence my nick)