If you regularly use Android Auto in your car, you must be no stranger to frequent connection issues. This problem usually stems from using an out-of-spec or faulty USB Type-C cable, though most people end up blaming Android Auto or their phone. However, in many cases, it can be pretty tricky to figure out if the cable is defective or if something is wrong with the car’s USB port. To make this easier to determine, Google has added a new diagnostics tool to the latest version of Android Auto.

If you do buy a third-party cable, make sure it adheres to the USB-IF standard. Don’t be surprised if the new diagnostics tool in Android Auto finds an issue with the cable you are using. USB Type-C cables can use wildly different specs, even though they all look the same, which can cause a ton of problems.

See https://www.androidpolice.com/android-auto-will-help-you-find-out-if-you-are-using-a-faulty-usb-cable/

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35 mois

is there any other tool for regular android? one of my old cable just charges and cannot do adb anymore.

35 mois

I’m not sure, but it needs to communicate both sides I think, hence this working from Android phone to Android Auto.

35 mois

I guess an app to test a USB-C cable between two phones could work too.

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