This is only FYI, and perhaps it was already found out by others. It so happens I got Librewolf upgraded to 95.0.2 just Today (it showed up on Artix - Universe repo on Monday on Tuesday).

The boolean drawInTitlebar config was changed on FF to integer inTitlebar config, and to keep the same behavior of prior “true”, the new config requires value 1 (by default it’s 2, which removes the CSD, therefore it shows the titlebar with its buttons).

Of course one can always go set that on “More tools -> Customize toolbar” and uncheck the Titlebar option there. I just prefer setting the config, and avoid the users having to go configure out what happened with the prior behavior, :)


sorry bout the super late reply.

we stopped changing titlebar behavior a couple releases ago I think: it was causing some issues on windows and we figured its best to let that to the OS default.


Ohh, no worries, and I did notice, but kept using it since I was setting it any ways long before I started using Librewolf, :) Not sure why FF changed it though, but I thought some might find the new setting useful (FF change took me by surprise). Thanks !

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