Its been a hectic week everyone, so I apologize that I haven’t been as responsive as usual. We realized that we could either spend all our day answering questions, or coding to make lemmy better, so we’re prioritizing the latter.

Reddit caught us right in the middle of one of our larger performance improvements, so I apologize for the instability of instances like this one. But I’m confident that lemmy will improve, especially due to all the new contributors helping out with performance, security fixes, and stability.

Please use our the issue trackers for the various lemmy projects to report issues, otherwise they will likely get lost.

Call for testers

  • You can help us test patch releases like this one at
  • We’re readying the 0.18.0 release soon, you can help us test at , and
    • App devs should use to test and prepare for 0.18.0, which should come in the next few weeks. The API changes and new types can be seen here.
    • 0.18.0 should give servers a big performance boost by removing websockets and switching entirely to HTTP. It also will add a lot of features like 2fa / TOTP.
  • Hot Saucerman
    108 months ago

    Thanks to the devs for all their hard work.

  • PicoBlaanket
    88 months ago

    This is the week of greatest change - so enjoy the rush!

    • 0.17.4 is running great,
    • and the community is handling people’s questions well,

    so you made the right choice.

    [I will start testing 0.18 now.]

  • @test626
    78 months ago

    I don’t know much about protocols. But what is the advantage of switching from websocket to http? Isn’t web socket more useful for realtime data?

    • Deebster
      88 months ago

      They’re heavy on the server, and I think the old design kept one per tab, so a single user could be responsible for dozens of websockets.

      Plus, it’s not like we need to get our updates immediately, even though it is cool. Perhaps further down the line the code could support both and switch based on server load.

    28 months ago

    By “switching entirely to HTTP”, do you mean Server-Sent Events, or do you mean polling? I havent tried 0.18.0 yet, but in general polling can end up using far more resources unless you’re doing something clever like passing the last update timestamp to the server and only querying the DB for new content since that timestamp (and timestamps are indexed in the DB).

  • Charley Sheets
    28 months ago

    Thanks for the announcement. For those of us hoping to upgrade to 0.18.0 quickly once it’s available, is this community the place to watch for a timely announcement of that, or should we be watching on GitHub or elsewhere?