UNICEF has declared Gaza to be the “world’s most dangerous place to be a child.”

United States diplomats once again held up a vote on a watered-down United Nations Security Council resolution on Wednesday aimed at bringing more aid and relief to civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip as reports of starvation, mass killings, and other war crimes allegedly committed by the Israeli military continue to pile up.

  • §ɦṛɛɗɗịɛ ßịⱺ𝔩ⱺɠịᵴŧOP
    214 months ago

    “This genocide is similar to other atrocities, whats the issue?”

    You’re either an idiot, brainwashed, or wildly self centered. Regardless, you’re promoting death of innocent humans. Shut up or wake up, thats the best decision you could make in life right now if this is seriously your take.

      • @Count042
        124 months ago

        Recognize that the Palestinians are people with legitimate grievances and enter into peace dialogues with that at the front of your mind and the recognition that you will have to give an equal amount for what you ate asking them to give up.

        Negotiate in good faith. It honestly isn’t a hard or complicated thought.

        It only is complicated of you honestly believe Palestinians are less than you as a people.

      • NoneOfUrBusiness
        74 months ago

        ’d love to hear your idea for a peace deal that Hamas would actually accept and 100% stop their attacks on Israeli Civilians for.

        Remember the ceasefire deal of 2008 and 2012? Those.