More than 20 million people woke last week to a thick, acrid, and noxious smog that settled densely across the Indian capital.

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    What are you talking about? This isn’t a response to me nor OP, this isn’t even a response you posted in this thread, and your response is no longer even listed on the source article thread. You are just throwing insults faster than you can read, apparently.

    I notice you completely avoided addressing the content of the response. Not sure how it’s my fault it’s no longer visible.

    am entitled to my opinions, which I substantiated

    Except you haven’t substantiated your opinions, you just stated nonsense and except it to be treated seriously.

    I’m criticizing that none of your posts contains anything of substance other than insults.

    Why do you feel the need to keep lying like this. I literally just linked you to my post containing a detailed sourced explanation.

    If you cannot tolerate comments about China, from someone who spends a fair amount of their time and life there, I guess you can just block me? Bye.

    Love how you throw out the argument from authority there instead of actually saying anything of substance. Bye.