• @TheAnonymouseJokerM
    3 months ago

    Nice FOSS activism (no /s) but I prefer the freedom of being able to use a full range of software and do full range of tasks as and how I need. I treat OSes like tools, not like religion cults, adopted Linux as primary with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, now on Debian Stable and have W10 on SSD. I daily Debian like a champ but sometimes boot into Windows for the occasional need and game, to keep things functional and workflow free of friction.

    I even have a very nice Linux/Windows guide for perspective https://lemmy.ml/post/511377

    • @nephs@lemmygrad.ml
      23 months ago

      Me too. And by having Linux in my primary boot, I mostly guarantee windows can’t wake itself up after I shut it down. :D

      • @CaptKoala
        13 months ago

        I had the same idea while I was setting up my dual-boot.