I purchased a second hand ThinkPad from an ebay outlet. When it arrived I wiped windows 10 from it and installed ubuntu with no issues. It runs perfect without any weird fixes needed. However, after just checking the bios to see if I could change some settings, I realised it has a supervisor password.

I contacted the seller and they gave me a few to try but they haven’t worked.

They said their tech will be back next week and will contact me then but I may have to send it back.

My question is, will this be an issue in the future? Or does it depend on which settings are locked?

I don’t really want to send it back unless it’s critical, as I have a lot of work to do and my previous laptop is moments away from death.

  • h3ndrik@feddit.de
    7 months ago

    If it’s not an issue, it’s not an issue. If you need to change the settings at some point, you could look up if there is a way to reset the password. Or sometimes there are tools that let you change the EEPROM settings from linux, without needing to open the BIOS. Depends on the hardware.