• @limeaide
    711 months ago

    I remember I joined the piracy subreddit to look for some sources, news, resources, etc. but all that was in the subreddit was memes about how much nintendo sucks lmao

    This was a year or two ago

    • @EnronHubbard@lemmygrad.ml
      111 months ago

      I’ve been an avid redditor since 2010ish. I’ve seen many evolutions of Reddit, third party apps, and many plans to defect. This is my first time defecting though. The official apps and desktop are QUITE far removed from the initial user experience that most of us old-blood had. I think Reddit will survive but I expect them to target gen-pop as opposed to more tech advanced crowd from here on out. Basically a bunch of normie bullshit will flood the site and it won’t be worth sticking around for anyway.