Is there any decent iPod management software for linux available? I have a 6th generation iPod that I use only for music and it’s really the last thing that I keep my windows partition around for. The more I use linux, the more unintuitive iTunes feels. I had tried GTKPod in the past and one other, but they didn’t support the 6th gen iPods. I’d be happy with just a CLI copy type command!

  • Brownian Motion
    68 months ago

    Let me offer another thought, if you are literally hanging on to windows for this, you could set up a VM in linux for this task. This is how I manage win only apps like my security client (camera vms). You have a license for windows, make it more useful. (and no rebooting to swap!)

    Or, a little more controversial, choose another player instead of Apple ipod. Plenty alternates that just work with linux.

    I used to have an ipod 20 years ago, and there was a linux “itunes” application, but I doubt its still maintained, or apple has made it impossible for 3rd parties to manage an ipod.

    • @Anonymouse@lemmy.worldOP
      18 months ago

      I have a windows VM for a couple of other applications but iTunes wouldn’t detect the device was plugged in inside the VM. This was several years ago and maybe the VM landscape has changed. I could try it again.

        8 months ago

        I just used a vm to restore my ipod yesterday. Simple Win7 VM worked like a charm. Just had to allow the usb passthrough in devices->usb. This is using virtualbox