Keen to find out what’s the most pressing transit issues in your city?

If there were one thing that you could change about the cycling or transit infrastructure in the city you live in, what would it be?

In Sydney of late, the reliability of the train network has definitely been an issue. Also, some outer suburban Western Sydney bus services run half hourly or worse during the morning and evening peak, with no nearby rail alternative nearby.

  • thejevans
    39 months ago

    I live in a suburb of Washington DC. Like most small US cities, mine was built around a stroad. My city’s elected officials care a great deal about biking infrastructure, but since the stroad cutting our town in half, along which is one of the only places where mixed use development is allowed by the state and county, is a state road, the city can do little but beg for them to fix it.

    The state has finally decided to add bike gutters along the road, but with the car traffic speed and density that we have, I doubt that will have a great impact by itself. If I could change one thing, it would be to give that state road a diet and add protected bike lanes.