Microsoft reportedly shows full-screen Windows 11 upgrade ads with two 'yes' buttons
A now-removed post on Reddit reveals a puzzling Windows 11 banner on a computer with Windows 10. Microsoft offers its operating systems with two confusion options: yes and another yes.

Not Microsoft, but HP also does some shit like this with their software on new PCs. When you first launch the Support Assistant to check for driver updates. Pops a message that asks for your info and their isn’t a visible button to answer “no” right away. Just the info fields and a submit button. BUT if you wait about 20~30secs a new link shows up that says “We can share information later”. Just appears out of nowhere and looks more like a hyperlink instead of matching the “Submit” button style. Good news is that there is a box that can be checked on another message that pops up that allows you to tell it to not show that info box the next time the program is opened. And some of the “free” AV programs like to show “cutey” messages and pictures of sad faced cartoon animals or emojis with sad text. These companies know what they are doing and it is basically gaslighting and/or subliminal messaging.

I can’t remember the last time I had to use HP software. They’re a bad company that’s easy to avoid. Windows is becoming easier to avoid as well. I have a copy of Windows 10 installed on another HDD, but I almost never have to use it.


Fortunately I only have to deal with it at work while repairing and setting up peoples’ computers. And it does mean I get to see the messed up tactics that are being used on average “non-techie” people. I take pride in removing bloatware and turning off many of the settings in Windows that like to “suggest new features and apps”. And I damn sure make a point to add uBlock Origin to all the browsers. Given how these companies just go nuts with BS “notifications” (the AV programs are the worst, especially the ones that the person is already freaking paying for). It is honestly hard to tell people what is and isn’t a real alert or is just up-sale shit. And the scammers online are hard to inform them about because those “alerts” look just like the “official” ones. Even just trying to go straight to the OEM sites like Dell or HP just cover your screen with shit and freaking surveys before you have even searched anything. The current internet is just corpo shit, scammers, and advertisements that cover up the actual content.

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